About Us

Established in 1950, the Honolulu Aquarium Society is a 501C nonprofit organization that inspires, encourages and promotes interest in the Aquarium Hobby in Hawaii.   


Mission Statement

The Honolulu Aquarium Society is dedicated to  the promotion and encouragement of the Aquarium Hobby.  We share knowledge, experience and fellowship among all our members both novice and old-timers.  We endeavor to preserve the natural habitat of Aquatic Life.  We seek to gain personal development in breeding and showing of Aquatic Life, and to stretch the boundaries of Hawaii to like-minded people throughout our nation and world.

HAS Member Contributors

A strong foundation provides strength and stability but without support it may never endure. Our members are the support we need to thrive and succeed.  They provide growth, knowledge and experience and with their contributions,  they breathe life into the longevity of the Honolulu Aquarium Society.  We would like to thank all those who have dedicated time, energy, and resources to our monthly meetings and events.  Your contributions doesn't go unnoticed. Mahalo for your dedication and support. We appreciate all you do for our aquarium community - the Honolulu Aquarium Society.

Meet the Board of Directors & Committee Leaders - 2019

The Honolulu Aquarium Society Board of Directors and committee leaders are aquarium hobbyists who volunteer their time to the success and growth of the club and aquarium hobby.  Their commitment and leadership help organize yearly events, monthly meetings, member's newsletter, presenters, and online social media presence.  As a whole, they are able to coordinate and provide a collaborative social platform for the aquarium fish community.  Board of Director's positions are open to all HAS members, so please consider sharing your knowledge and experience by joining the board.   If you are interested,  join us during our Monthly Board of Director's meeting.

If you have any questions about Honolulu Aquarium Society, please feel free to contact Robert Lau  - laur007@hawaii.rr.com

Board of Director's Meeting
  • Suzannah Wesley Community Center, 1117 Kaili Street, Honolulu HI, 96819
  • 7:30pm - Tuesday following Member's Monthly Meeting
  • Open to all HAS members
HAS members are welcomed to join and voice their opinions, contribute suggestions, or volunteer their time for the advancement of the aquarium hobby and club.

Robert Lau

President - 2019


Dennis Tse

Vice President - 2019

Lance Pang

Treasurer - 2019

Alan Teraoka

Recording Secretary - 2019

Dave Yoshishige

Newsletter Editor - 2019, honaqsociety@gmail.com

Stephen Fong

Program Coordinator - 2019

Vance & Lori Tanioka

Auction Recorder, Christmas Event Committee

Margie Fukuda-Chang

Auction Committee

Shane "Shorty" Takasane

Auction Committee - Auctioneer, Facebook Admin.

Aquaconcepts on Youtube

Lowell Thom

Photographer, Events Poster Manager

Justin Sambueno

Auction Committee

Carson Yano - Junior Member

Instagram, YouTube 

Aquascaping 101 on IG/YouTube

George Carlson


Website, Instagram, YouTube Manager

(aka Lil_mamallama on IG/YouTube)