2020 Grow-Out Fish

This year's grow-out fish is a cute little killifish that goes by the name: Fundulopanchax gardneri.  Not only are these killifish hardy, but they have a talent for jumping right out of the tank!  Warning: Cover your tanks or lower the water.  

Fundulopanchax gardneri are community fish but also considered semi-aggressive.  The males tend to be a bit more territorial when mating, so make sure you have a lot of plants or objects to break up line of sight.  Give them a variety of food such as bloodworms, flakes, pellets but live foods such as brine shrimp, daphnia or flightless fruit flies are other fantastic options.  You'll have approximately 8 months to nurture and grow-out your fish, and in the end compete against other HAS members for the BEST, PRETTIEST and Biggest grow-out fish of the year.   Good luck to all participants!

*grow-out batch available on February 7, 2020 @ monthly meeting*

03.01.20 - Update: We ran out of the grow-out stock during our February meeting. More will be available during our March meeting for those who were unable to purchase them in February.

Honolulu Aquarium Society Membership Renewal 2020

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their family and friends and celebrating another year loving the thing you love to do - buying more tanks!

I'm here to remind you that your HAS membership renewal is due for year 2020.

All you need to do is print out the membership application form, fill it out and turn in your money during one of our monthly meetings.  You can also mail it in as well. 

Mahalo to all of you for making HAS a wonderful club to be a part of. 

Happy Holidays! 


2020 Presentations & Events

January 03, 2020

Japan Trip & Store Tour

Presenter: Carson Yano

Carson is a Junior member who has traveled to Japan quite a lot.  He's an avid ADA fanatic and loves aquascaping. He enjoys exotic fish and has a thriving YouTube channel with over 1000+ subscribers.  

Carson's Japan presentation will blow you away! Wait til you see how much the fish hobby mean to the people of Japan. 

February 07, 2020

Video Presentation

Presenter: David Yoshishige

Dave is our HAS newsletter editor! His experience in the fish hobby and the knowledge he holds is priceless.  Join us as Dave presents a video of German  & Holland aquarist that raise and breeds a variety of Rainbowfish.

March 06, 2020

How To:  Start a salt water tank.

Presenter: Dennis Tse

Dennis is an avid aquarium hobbyist who enjoys both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.  Today he will share with us on how to start a salt water tank and what you need to know in order to have a thriving aquarium.  Where can you get saltwater? Can you make it or source it from the ocean? Here's your chance to ask lots of questions!

April 03, 2020

Japan Tour Part Two

Presenter: Carson Yano

Carson Yano presents part two of his Japan Tour.

May 01, 2020



June 05, 2020



July 03, 2020



Come Join Us

  • Monthly Meetings - First Friday of the Month (*holiday change)
  • Prince Kuhio Elem. School   -- Enter from S. King St. -- Kahoaloha Ln.
  • 7pm - 9pm (in Cafeteria)
  • Free available on-campus parking
  • Drinks provided by HAS
  • Public Welcomed
  • Member's Auction follows Scheduled Presentation
*if Friday is a holiday, meeting will be held the following friday.

HAS member Featured YouTubers

Here we feature 3 amazing Hawaii Aquarist who are also members of Honolulu Aquarium Society. Check out their YouTube Channel and take a visual journey as they showcase some of their aquariums and share lots of their knowledge and experience.  If you would like your channel to be featured in this section, you must be a current member of HAS.

Click on the links to find out who these Youtubers are. Don't forget to show them lots of Aloha by subscribing to their channel. They are doing their best to promote the aquarium hobby in Hawaii.


2019 Presentations & Events

June 7, 2019

HAS History Notes

Presenter: Ken Fagan

Honolulu Aquarium Society has been around since the 1950's. Former HAS president, Ken Fagan, will be talking about his involvement with the club during the 1960's.   Ken also worked at Petland, and frequently traveled to Japan to observe their aquarium community, which includes goldfish and koi.  Mr. Fagan has also written articles for tropical fish Hobbyist magazines and worked with fish farms in Florida. Join us as we learn about the history of HAS from a former Board of Directors President as well as an experienced aquarist.

July 5, 2019

Worm Composting

Presenter: Velma Akinaka

*Technical Difficulties occurred and Velma was unable to do her presentation. We appreciated her patience but in the end we were unable to resolve the problem. We hope that she will join us at a future date. * 

Worms are an excellent natural way to turn our kitchen waste into high quality compost.  Join us as we learn how to use these slithery earth creatures to our benefit. I wonder if they are also a good source of live food for our aquatic creatures? Join us and find out!

August 2, 2019

Psuedomoguil Dwarf Rainbowfish

Presenter: Shane Takasane

Shane is an experienced aquarist and knowledgeable about many different species of fish.  He imports aquatic creatures into Hawaii for fellow local aquarists and is adamant about promoting the fish hobby in Hawaii.  Today he will share with us, how to breed and raise Psuedomoguil Dwarf Rainbowfish.

September 6, 2019

Fish Show Rules and Requirements

Presenter: Dennis Tse & Robert Lau

We will be going over the rules and requirements for HAS members that are  thinking about participating in our Annual Fish show. The show is scheduled for the second week of October which is during the Fall Break for public schools.  Beginning and Advanced aquarist are encouraged to participate and be advocates in promoting the aquarium hobby in Hawaii.

September 6, 2019 -- ( 2nd Half)

Worm Composting

Presenter: Velma Akinaka

Ms. Velma Akinaka will be presenting her information about Worm Composting directly after Dennis and Robert brief Show Rules/Requirements overview.  

HAS is extremely thankful to Ms. Akinaka for being accommodating.  Please join us for this event and find out if these worms are also great for your aquatic life. 

October 9 - 12 , 2019

Honolulu Aquarium Society Annual Fish Show and Mega Auction

Fish show event is free.

Mega Auction is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

It's that time of the year again! Presenting our 2019 Annual Fish Show.

Please join us this week as we feature HAS members aquatic tanks.  Take pictures of your favorite tanks, talk to our members about their fish or just hangout and get to know us! 

On Friday, October 11 @7pm, we will hold a Mega Auction which is open to the public. Lots of aquariums, supplies, plants and FISH. 

November 1, 2019

Fish Show Awards

Congratulations to all the Fish Show Winners!

Tonight, awards will be given out to those that won 1st , 2nd,, 3rd and Best in Show for the 2019 Annual Fish Show.   Winners get to take home their beautiful ribbons.  

As usual, the auction will follow the award ceremony.


December 14, 2019

Honolulu Aquarium Society Christmas Party

Maple Garden


$25 prepaid ticket, $35 door price

$5.00 gift exchange if participating (no nets or food)

$2.00/ea. Raffle Tickets